New Housing Proposal for Munjoy Hill Under Review by Planning Office


Site Plans for a Three-Unit Rental Building at 7 Marion Street onMunjoy Hill Has Been Submitted to the City by the Developers.  The Outside of the New Building is to be of Cedar Shakes.

Early last month, Green on the HIll Properties, submitted a site plan for the construction of a rental building at 7 Marion Street on Munjoy Hill.  The plan was submitted by the developer Nate Green and Samantha Connelly, who currently live in the building they have owned since 2014.

The project includes the tear down of the current single-family residence and the construction of a three unit, owner occupied, rental building on the 2030 sq. ft. lot.

The first floor will consist of a one car garage and one bedroom unit. The second floor will be a one bedroom unit as well as part of the owner’s unit.  The top floor consists of the remainder of the owner unit with living and dining space.  The proposed number of parking spaces in the new construction is one.

The developers purchased the building in 2014 with the intention of redeveloping it sometime in the future – that time has come according to Green. The building was built  in the 1850s.  Owners have struggled to keep the building habitable in recent years.  Following its purchase  eight years ago, the couple did extensive rennovation work on it to make it habitable at that time.

Green, a Portland native, has developed housing in Saco, Bath and Yarmouth.  This is his first development in Portland, although he owns three apartment buildings in Portland.  He declined to name them.  Connelly was previously with the Children’s Museum & Theatre at Thompson’s Point.