New Tenant at One City Center Replaces Maine Media Today


The Logo for AVANGRID, a Major Energy Company Moving into One City Center, Portland.

Today was moving in day for the major energy company AVANGRID, a Spanish based company with offices all over the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.  The suite the major energy company is taking over is on the fifth floor of One City Center and is the former office space of the failing Maine Media Today.

The move began today and it will continue incrementally until it’s completed in about five weeks.  All told, one hundred forty six (146) administrators will be relocated to this newly refurbished office space.  The office was formerly located in Pineland for eleven years.

Avangrid owns Maine Central Power, whose headquarters are in Augusta.  Maine Media Today is maintaining a small office in the building for reporters who cover city hall and the local courts – while the majority of the office has moved to its printing plant in South Portland.

Please see post herein dated January 27, 2017 for more information on this relocation of Maine Media Today.