New Construction Planned for 155 Washington Avenue


Proposed Plan for New Construction at 155 Washington Avenue.

Ainsley Judge, Executive Director of Portland Gear Hub,   Kyle T. Randall Volunteer Coordinator,  and Picasso, (Dog) in His Special Seat,  Yesterday.

Johnny Ritzo, d/b/a  Diving Rock LLC.,  Owner of the Property at 155 Washington Avenue.

Diving Rock LLC has filed a redevelopment application for the construction of a four story building at 155 Washington Avenue – the site is the former location of Casale’s Auto Sales – and is currently occupied by Gear Hub.  Gear Hub will remain on the property.

The application letter dated December 5, 2017 and written by William H. Savage, PE and owner of Acorn Engineering, Inc. said that the new construction will “include the development of a 4-story building with retail space on the ground level and office space on the remaining three levels. ………..The vision is to create a shared-use office to support Portland’s entrepreneurial environment.  The development’s proximity to residential housing as well as amenities such as showers will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to effectively link housing, jobs, and services.”

Johnny Ritzo, of Munjoy Hill, is the owner of the property.  Ryan Senatore Architecture is the architect.  Senatore was the architect for the nearby Munjoy Heights – condominiums.

For more background information on the property, please see post herein dated March 29, 2017.