New Bike Share Program Launch to be Completed by September 1


Bikes Located at Lobsterman Park at Middle Street are One of the Five Stations Established as of Yesterday.

Keli Hoyt-Rupert,  CEO and Founder of Tandem Mobility, With Alex Vulgamore, Warehouse Manager, Setting up a Bike Rack in Front of City Hall Today.  The Bikes Will Arrive Tomorrow.

A Bike Share Station is Located at East End Beach Where They Appear to be in Demand Even on a Rainy, C old Day Like Yesterday in Portland.  The Station is Locaed Near the Public Restrooms, at the Beach.

For years now, the city of Portland has been trying to set up a Bike Share Program.  But until Tandem Mobiiity, a remote company, came along it had been unsuccessful in this endeavor.

The Bike Share Program is seen as a way to reduce car traffic, reduce pollution from cars and encourage better physical health for bikers.

As of last night 22 bikes in 5 stations across the Portland peninsula have been installed wrote Keli Hoyt-Rupert in an email to this blogger. The launching of this bike share program by Tandem Mobility began on Monday, August 15, and will  be completed on Friday, September 1, 2022.

As of last night, bikes that are part of the new Bike Share Program provided by Tandem Mobility were located at:  East End Beach, Congress Street @ Park Street, Hanover Street @ Lancaster Street, Lobsterman Park at Middle Street and Washington Avenue @ Walnut Street.

Hoyt-Rupert said that she has been monitoring bike rentals since day one, Monday, August 25.  “One of the most popular stations so far has been the East End Beach station,” Rupert said.  “Based on ridership trends, we will make adjustments to bike stations and that includes the East End Beach station.”

The stations to be added as of today and tomorrow, Friday, August 19, include:  Commercial Street @ Dana Street, Commercial Street @ Market Street, Middle Street @ Hampshire Street Monument Square @ Center Street and Union Street @ Fore Street.

Tandem Mobiiity is a start-up company that started in June 2020.  Hoyt-Rupert worked previously for a bike share company that went out of business during the pandemic.  She took their expertise and customer base and started her own company.  The company now has customers in twenty-seven cities across the country.  “We are nationwide,” she said.

To participate in this bike share program, users must download the app Movatic.  That will enable riders to pay $1 to unlock a pedal boke and then 15 cents for every minute of use on the bike. Electric assisted bikes will cost $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute.  Riders will be able to pay $14.99 for a monthly membership, which includes all unlock fees and half off the per minute rate.  An annual membership will be available startding nex spring.  The bikes are expected to be available from April through November.