Painting of Mural on Colucci’s Wall Resumes Following Long Winter Break


Eric Giddings & Ben Braley Painting Waves on the Mural Today.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,449)

Eric Giddings and a childhood buddy are back at work on the mural on the Congress Street side of Colucci’s following a long winter’s break from the project.  Last September, Giddings began painting a mural that depicts the neighborhood on a blank wall outside the popular neighborhood convenience store.  The art work is sponosred by the nearby Shipyard Brewery Co. and is loosely based on the company’s logo.  The 20 ft. x 18 ft. mural depicts the nearby Observatory, the Narrow Gauge Railroad, the St. Lawrence Arts Center, the Shipyard Logo and the Sun among other Hill landmarks.

Giddings and his childhood friend, Ben Braley, grew up together in South Portland.  Braley now lives in Oakland, CA. and said it was great to get a telephone call from Giddings saying:  “Come help me with this mural on Munjoy Hill.”  The two began this afternoon on Phase 2 of the mural – filling in the lines drawn last fall.  With good weather, Giddings hopes to have the mural completed  within the next week or so.

“People have been telling me that both Colucci buildings have been sold for $1.4 M, but we are still trying to finish the mural,” said Giddings this afternoon.  “That news did not deter us from finishing the mural I started last fall,” he added.  (The entire building in which the popular convenience store on the Hill is located was destroyed during a fire in early March.  Since, both buildings have been the subject of much speculation and interest in the community.)  Giddings was a long distance track star from South Portland. He graduated from Stanford University and hopes to return to attend graduate school.

Meanwhile, well wishers out for a walk were complimenting Giddings and Braley on their endeavor.  Please visit herein Post # 1,217, dated 9/25/12 for more background information.