Back Following Technical Difficulties


A Timely T-Shirt Created by Freddie Haynes of East End Screenprinting on Washington Avenue. on the East End. The Business is 30 Years Old – WOW, Mr. Freddie! is Back!  Facts Matter!

If you are a regular reader of this now over nine year old blog, you may have noticed that it has been off-line for the past week.  That was due to technical difficulties with the webmaster’s server.  But as of this morning, the problem has been corrected and will be resuming it’s frequent and stimulating posting of news that you need to know!

It’s often news that you won’t read or see elsewhere because it is too local to be covered. And sometimes posts are offered with a different perspective from other news sources; like a second opinion from another doctor.  That can be a good thing too!

Meanwhile, has been busy attending meetings, press conferences and most especially persuaded the Famous Freddie to create a timely T-shirt.  Thanks Freddie.  I love it!

Unfortunately, you will notice that the last post herein is dated May 15, 2017.  The intervening material since that time and today was lost during the transition to a new server, although I believe it may be available on facebook.  That material was not backed-up and therefore lost.  That’s a learning experience from the technical world!

The last post to be written on this blog until today  was:  Bingham Bikes for MS Fundraiser Ends Journey at East End Beach. is Back!  Facts Matter!

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