Mr. Tuna Expanding to Portland Public Market in mid-October


Jordan Run, d/b/a Mr. Tuna, at HIs New Location at the Portland Public Market.

A Porcelain Cat Sits High up on a Shelf in the New Kitchen.

The New Kitchen at the Public Market Ready For Mr. Tuna in Mid-October 2018.  The Yellow Tubs in the Background are Rice Tubs Used to Season the Rice.

This afternoon Jordan Run, d/b/a Mr. Tuna – a mobile sushi bar – was carrying kitchen equipment from his mini-truck to his new brick and mortar location on the ground floor of the Public Market in downtown Portland. He was making his final trip of the day when caught up with him.

It was just over a year in July of 2017 that Mr. Tuna got its start as a mobile sushi bar.  Already he is prepared to move into a bricks and mortar location.  He will continue to use his mobile carts, but not as frequently as previously.

Jordan follows a Japanese tradition.  He keeps a Manelei Neko – a “beckoning cat” nearby for good luck.  Every morning he deposits a quarter in it.  That’s done for good luck.  If Jordan doesn’t do it, bad luck will prevail during the day.   Perhaps business will be slower than he’d like.  It’s not a problem, however.   Jordan has three stray cats at home.

Ample seating will be available beside the sushi restaurant for the immediate future at least. Space that had expected to be leased to other food venues has not developed at this writing, so it has been dedicated to seating for the sushi bar and other food venues in the Market.

This weekend Jordan will be working at the Maine Marathon on Sunday.  On Saturday, he will be at the Maine Crafts Fair in Falmouth – both for the first time.

Mr. Tuna will be open every day of the week from 11:00 am – to 5:00 pm.