Moss Gallaries Hosts Two Exhibits by Outdoor Local Artists


Artist John A. Knight, at Moss Galleries, Falmouth, This Afternoon.

“Kayaks” an Oil Painting by Robert Wieferich is for Sale for $6,400. at Moss, as Part of His “A Walk Through Maine” Exhibit.

“Rocky Coastline” by Robert Wieferich, of Freeport, is for sale for $6,400.

“I try to paint wildflowers realistically, but they often have an abstract quality,” said John A. Knight, this afternoon as he stopped by Moss Galleries, Falmouth, where his show of  wildflower oil paintings opened up yesterday and runs through April 23rd.

From South Bend, Indiana, Knight relocated from Washngton, D.C. where he was in graduate school because friends told him that Maine has a good art scene.  After living in Portland for 20 years, he agrees that Maine does have a good art scene. He said that “water is beginning to creep” into his art work because of living close to the ocean, although none of those paintings are currently on display at Moss.  Knight graduated from  Indiana University and earned his master’s degree from American University.  He teaches at Southern Maine Community College.  Pam Chamberlain, his wife, is a jewelry maker:  pamchamjewelry.

There is an opportunity to Meet the Artist coming up soon:  On Saturday, March 26, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, the public will be able to meet  John and view his colorful and appealing paintings at Moss Galleries, Route 1, Falmouth.

The other artist whose paintings are currently on display at Moss is Robert Wieferich.  His exhibit opened yesterday and likewise runs through April 23rd. His show is titled – “”A Walk Through Maine.”  And that is exactly what it is.  From the mountains to the rugged coast, his oils depict scenes familiar to residents and tourists alike.  No mission statement by the artist is available at Moss Galleries.

Yesterday’s opening was a quiet event according to Mel Nunn, Moss Gallery Assistant.  “Sometimes artists are reluctant to reveal much of themselves.  Maybe they just want the work to speak for themselves,” Nunn said.  Nunn, came to Portland in March of 2020 to conduct tours for Portland Museum of Art.  She was to conduct tours of the art studio of Winslow Homer, Prouts Neck.  That was when the pandemic hit and many employess of PMA worked remotely.  But of course she could not work remotely conducting tours.  She studied photography and art education at the University of Maryland, Bucks County.  Nunn minored in art history and print making.  Currently she is a Gallery Assistant at Moss, Falmouth.

Moss Galleries, Route 1 in Falmouth,  was established in 2004 with a focus on Maine artists and was recently named one of the top 500 Galleries in North America by ArtInfo.   A new Gallelry opened in Portland at 100 Fore Street.  For more information, please go to: or call 207 – 781-2620.