More Free News Coming To Portland – By End Of Month


By Carol McCracken

It’s anticipated that in the next few weeks, Portland newspaper readers will have another newspaper to add to their daily reading frenzy reported “The Portland Forecaster” in its current issue. The daily will report Portland news as well as national and international news.

The founders of the “Portland Daily Sun” have established three similar newspapers in New Hampshire; in Conway, Berlin, and Laconia.

Founding a daily newspaper at this time is a surprising move since revenues from advertising are down dramatically; because of the general economic downturn and purportedly because more readers are turning to online news services.

According to the report in “The Portland Forecaster” the new paper will be run out of an apartment on Munjoy Hill. MHN tried to reach the paper and its Munjoy Hill office but was unable to locate a telephone number by which to do so.