Mills and Frey Respond to Supreme Court’s Decision to Stay Texas Mifepristone Decision


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) and Attorney General Aaron Frey released the following statements this evening after the Supreme Court issued a stay of the Texas mifepristone decision.  The stay announced this evening means that mifepristone remains accessible without restrictions in all states and territories where abortion  is legal, incuding Maine, as the decision undergoes further reviews in the courts.

“The Supreme Court was right to stay the Texas decision pending the full appeal.  Next, the Fifth Circuit if not the Supreme Court, should overturn the legally and scientifically baseless Texas ruling on its merit,” said Governor Janet Mills.  “For now, mifepristone remains legal and available in Maine and my Administration will continue to work with the Attorney General’s office to fight back against attempts to undermine reproductive freedom in Maine.”

“The Supreme Court’s stay tonight secures continued access to mifepristone, a demonstrably safe abortion drug,” said Attorney General Aaron Frey.  “Unfortunately, this fight is not over and I want to ensure citizens that my office and the Mills Administration will continue to use every tool available to us to protect reproductive freedom in Maine.”

The Supreme Court had previously issued, and later extended, a temporary stay that delayed the Texas deicion from taking effect until April 21, 2023 at 11:59 pm.  The new stay issued this evening further delays ther ruling from taking effect at least until the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules on an appeal of the decision on its merits.  Proceedings before the Fifth Circuit are scheduled to begin on May 17, 2023.

Governor Mills (D), is the first woman governor of Maine and was its first woman attorney general of Maine during a previous administration.