Meet Your Neighbor: Lissa Michel, Participating in Today’s Urban Epic Challenge; “I’m Ready!”


Abigal Weeks, Summer Intern, With The Slip & Slide Behind Her.

Lissa Michel, (R), With Her Mother, Annie Michel (L), A Volunteer at the Challenge

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 831)  )

“I’ve run many races, but never one with obstacles like this one,” said Lissa Michel, yesterday afternoon as she looked over at the 65 ft. “slip and slide” course ready for the Urban Epic Challenge today.  The course had just been readied on the Eastern Promenade near the tennis courts. Participants must slide down the 65 ft. course on their backsides while running water from a hand held hose soaks them and the downhill slide.  The event is organized and hosted by Tri-Maine, Portland.

Michel, 29, had just been interviewed by a local television sports reporter when caught up with her.   Michel has been training for the past 1 1/2 years at CrossFit Casco Bay, 135 Kennebec Street.  And that is where she learned of the Challenge.  “I’m a slow runner, but I hope that my training will give me the edge in the competition to put me in a good place.”  Please visit

There will be plenty of competition for Michel.   Two hundred and twenty  registered for the Challenge as of yesterday afternoon.  People may register right up until the start of the race at the East End Beach by 9:30 am.   In addition to the slip and slide challenge described above, there is a tire hop, squat walk, wall of water to walk through and much more said Will Thomas, president of Tri-Maine.  “We all just put our heads together and came up with these ideas,” he said yesterday.

Abigail Weeks, summer intern for Tri-Maine, said the proceeds of this event ($45. per entry) will benefit the Center for Grieving Children, Portland.   Twenty awards will be presented to the winners at the Maine State Pier at noon.  The categories are by age and gender.

Michel and her boyfriend are moving to Tennessee next month.   “I’ll miss the Hill.  It will always be a special place for me.  It’s where my boyfriend and I had our first apartment.”

Michel will wear a hot pink T Shirt.

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