“Meditation Movement” Classes Start 6/15 – On The Eastern Promenade

Jill Babcock, (l) learns about the "Aware Movement" from Lea Moon, Organizer

Jill Babcock, (l) learns about the "Aware Movement" from Lea Moon, Organizer

By Carol McCracken

She was stringing a large banner between two trees at the juncture of the Eastern Promenade and Quebec Street when the MHN cruiser saw her and stopped:  “Awake Movement” read the banner.  That’s the juncture where this new community will start meeting this morning – early this morning.

Hill resident Lea Moon is the organizer of this new community on the Hill.  She and ten other insructors have developed a program to fit ino the busy schedules and meet the needs of those looking for “mediation movement” and all it brings with it.  It can be a healing experience for many; especially in the peaceful and beautiful setting of the Eastern Promenade.

Different types and levels of yoga are offered under this non-profits auspices.  The program starts this morning, Monday, June 15th and runs until August 31st.  The early morning class meets at 7:00 a.m. and runs for about an hour 7 days a week.  At 9:00 a.m., three days a week there is another class.  Those days are:  Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.  Participation is by donation.

Jill Babcock who is new to the area expressed interest in learning more about the classes, because she’s never taken yoga lessons.  “I’m looking for the perfect exercise program that wil help keep me healthy. This gives me a good opportunity to explore meditation and movement practices on the Eastern Promenade.  What could be better?  I’ll be back,” she promised as she continued her walk home near the Promenade.

For more information and class schedules, please visit www.theawakecollective.com or please call 207 – 841-5610.