Maine’s Marriage Equality Law Well Supported According to Backers

Supporters of Maine's Marriage Equality Law in State of Maine room

Supporters of Maine's Marriage Equality Law in State of Maine room

By Carol McCracken

Supporters of Maine’s Marriage Equality Law filled the State of Maine room at city hall earlier today to hear that more than 60,000 Mainers have promised to defend the law when it comes up on this fall’s ballot.  Signs around the room urged voters to vote “NO on Question 1 in November.”  To do so will insure that the law remains in tact.

“These 60,000 pledges, collected by Maine volunteers and the campaign’s professional field staff, demonstrate that our grassroots effort is a campaign about Maine, by Maine people and consistent with Maine values,” said Jesse Connolly, campaign manager of Maine Freedom to Marry.  “Tomorrow, our opponents will submit signatures to the Secrretary of State collected largely by a professional firm from Michigan at a cost of more than $240,000,” Connolly said.  “Theirs is a campaign fueled not by Maine volunteers but by paid out of state operatives.  Fairness and equality are too precious to be sold to the highest bidder.”  Connolly addressed the enthusiastic crowed at a noontime rally in the State of Maine room.

Prior to the start of the press conference State Representative Linda Sanborn (D), said that opponents of the Maine State law have gathered enough signatures to put the matter on the November ballot to try and overturn this law.  “The opposition has brought in lots of money and people to try and overturn the law.  It’s the same group that was successful in overturning California’s gay marriage law,” Sanborn said.  Sanborn has three sons, two of whom are gay.

Connolly also announced that from now on the campaign will be called “NO on/Protect Maine Equality.”  Please call Mark Sullivan at (207) 899-1330 for more information