Maine State Republicans Try to Suppress Voters From Freedom to Vote


A Sign at East End Community School, 195 North Street, Directors Voters to the Polling Place Last November 2022.

“Mainers should be incredibly proud of our state’s safe, secure and accurate elections in which we are a national leader in voter participation.  As Secretary of State, I will vigorously defend Mainers’ freedom to vote, and fight against any efforts to make it harder for Maine voters to make their voice heard at the ballot box.  On the 58th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery, we should be coming together around ways to further strengthen Maine’s elections rather than debating proposals for voter suppression,” said Secreary of State Shenna Bellows in a press release issued this afternoon.

Republican legislators at the Maine House and Senate have advanced bills that would place unnecessary burdens to Mainers’ ability to cast their vote by requiring voters to produce a specific type of identification to receive a ballot, remove the popular absentee ballot, return option of secure ballot drop boxes and violate the National Voter Registration Act by erecting barriers to remaining on voter rolls for more than four years, among other proposals.

“Why doesn’t the “Portland Press Herald” report on these tactics of Republicans in Augusta to suppress Maine voters?” asks the