Dems Statement on Women’s Health Protection Act Vote; Collins Called Out


US Representative Adam Schiff Will be a Guest Speaker at the Maine Democratic Party Convention This Weekend, in Bangor,.  He is a Member of the January 6,  Committee.

With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and undo almost a half-century of legal precedent, the US Senate failed once again to advance the Women’s Health Protection Act.  Maine’s Senator Susan Collins, a supposedly “pro-choice” Republican, joining her colleagues to filibuster with legislation, clearing the path for states around the country to achieve a longtime GOP goal:  criminalizing abortion..

“The result of today’s vote in the Senate was disappointing, but one thing is clear:  Senator Susan Collins can no longer claim to be a defender of abortion rights – rather, she has cemented her legacy as one of the key architects who set the stage to dismantle Roe.  Her shameful vote today against the Women’s Health Protection Act, as well as her support for President Trump’s openly anti-abortion Supreme Court nominees, has put the reproductive freedom of millions of American women at risk,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine.  “We are lucky in Maine to have leaders like Governor Janet Mills and Democrats in the legislature who have vowed to defend existing access to safe, legal abortions.  However, if Colllns’ endorsed candidate, Paul LePage is elected, abortion in Maine will be in jeopardy just as it is right now in Republican-controlled states across the country.  We must defend our rights at the ballot box this November.”

Under Governor Mills, Maine Democrats have expanded health care access, passed laws to allow more qualified practioners to perform abortions and required that Maine Care cover the procedures.  In response to the leaked Supreme Court opinion last week, Governor Mills declared,” I do not consider the rights of women to be dispensable” and worked to defend Maine’s abortion rights.

On the other hand, Maine Republicans, including gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage, have reasonably signaled for reversing longstanding abortion laws in Maine.  The Maine GOP’s 2022 platform also includes references to cutting reproductive services, and activists within the party have insisted that overturning Roe v. Wade is “not the end…the beginning.”

The final vote was 49-51.

( suggests that you call Senator Collins’ Washington, D.C. office to let her know what you think of her vote today.  And the lies she has been telling Maners about her “pro-choice” position for many years. Collins is a prime example of why voters do not trust elected officials to be honest and tell the truth. She has the nerve to accuse Justice Kavanaugh of misleading her about his position on Roe v. Wade?

Collins’  phone number in Washington, D.C. is:  (202) 224-2523.  You may only be able to leave a message on her answering machine, as did this blogger today, because her staff is apparently otherwise occupied).