Maine Council of Churches Supports Virtual Worship Services


“This isn’t about sending care packages or Hallmark cards (though those are certainly nice), “said Maine Council of Churches Executive Director, Rev. Jane Field.  “For starters, it’s about making it difficult and necessary decision to retirm to virtual online worship services onlly and refrain in-person church gatherings during this deadly surge.  It’s also abaout sending a clear message from the pulpit that getting vaccinated, boosted and wearing masks when in public is a moral imperative for anyhone who follows the commandment to love their neighbor.  And it’s about offering your church building as a pop-up vaccine clinic site.  This is  how faith communities can best help reduce the spread of COVID, which is the only way to provide effective and meaningful relief and support to weary and overcome hospitals and their staff.

We at the Maine Council of Churches urge congregations to:

Return to virtual worship services only;

Send a clear message to parishioners about the importance of getting vaccinated, boosted and to wear masks when in public; and

Offer church buidings as pop-up vaccine clinic shots.

And of course, we ask you to pray for those on the frontlines in Maine’s hospitals.  But this is one of those times that “prayers are not enough.”  It’s a time for sacrificial action.  It’s a time to pray as if everything depends on God and act as if everything depends on us,” the statement from Rev. Field concluded.