Maine Christmas Trees for Sale on Portland’s Waterfront NOW!


Tegan Curry, Co-owner of Tree Gulls, 199 West Commercial Street. Portland. (It’s Just Beyond the New VA Medical Facility)  Curry Also Owns Tegin Curry Jewelry.

Warm and Colorful Hats for Sale at The Little Shop for $30.00.  They Come in Other Colors as Well.  Tegin Curry’s Fine Jewelry and Pottery is Also for Sale at The Little Shop.

Larger Beautifully Decmorated Wreaths Are Also for Sale This Year at Tree Gulls.

Some are saying that Christmas trees are in short supply this year, but that’s not true at Tree Gulls, 199 West Commercial Street, Portland.  Rather, there is a good supply of the beauties from MMB Tree Farm way up in Van Buren.

You don’t need to travel out of Portland proper to select this year’s holiday tree.  That’s because four hundred trees were trucked down from near the Canadian border earlier this week according to Tegin Curry, co-owner of Tree Gulls, with husband Garrett FitzGerald. Curry is also the owner of Tegin Curry Jewelry, maker of fine jewelry and hand-made pottery.

Perfectly shaped fresh oh so fresh and fragrant trees for your holiday celebrations are available in a variety of sizes – from table toppers to trees 13 or 14 ft. tall and sizes in between according to Tyler Yeo, who is assisting in the sale of the beauties once again this year. The tallest trees are appropriate for businesses or homes with very high ceilings.

Decorated balsam wreaths are also for sale in sizes larger than last year.  They are available this year in 14 to 20 inch sizes as shown in the photograph.  A great gift for that family member or friend from out-of-state who would cherish a Maine wreath for the holidays.

For the second year, The Little Shop, is open for stocking stuffer items such as knitted hats by Stitch Lab, and much more. Each warm and colorful hat sells for $30.00.

Tree Gulls is open every day until Christmas Eve or until the trees are sold out – which ever comes first.  The hours of operation are  from noon – 7:00 pm daily.  So, it is suggested that you not wait until the last minute to buy your Christmas tree or wreath. Last year Tree Gulls sold out early because of an increased demand for live trees over artificial ones.

Garrett Fitzgerald, co-owner of Tree Gulls, is also the owner of the Bar Harbor Lobster Company.