100 Maine Based Artists Invited to Join 39th Annual Old Port Festival; Set for Sunday, June 10th


By Carol McCracken (Post # l,016)

For the third year, Maine based artists and craftspersons are invited to apply for the 39th Annual Old Port Festival in order to reserve a festival space. The deadline to participate in the “Maine Artists and Craftspeople” section of the Old Port Festival is April 27. Spaces are offered at a greatly reduced cost from a regular festival space – just $80.

Participants are assigned a single location along Market Street. They are included in this Festival in order to diversify the festival and support this community. Spaces have always been sold out, according to Jan Beitzer, executive director, Portland’s Downtown District.

Applications can be downloaded from portlandmaine.com or contact will@portlandmaine.com for more information.

We welcome art and craft demonstrations as well as products for sale.

The Old Post Festival is Northern New England’s largest one-day festival.