Local Sprouts Grand Opening – on First Friday Art Walk; 6/4


Meara Smith, one of the four cooperative owners of Local Sprouts

Meara Smith, one of the four cooperative owners of Local Sprouts

By Carol McCracken (Post # 482)

The much anticipated Local Sprouts restaurant flew over its last hurdle earlier this week and plans to open on Friday, June 4th – just in time for the popular First Friday Art Walk. Its last hurdle was the often anxiety producing inspection by the city of Portland. It passed. The Grand Opening will run from 4 – 11 pm.

“We worked really hard to pass on the first try and we did. It’s remarkable,” said Meara Smith, one of the four owners of the cooperative restaurant. Smith, who is the kitchen coordinator, said this afternoon that she’s been busy creating the menu with lots of input from the community and other chefs. The large kitchen out of which the restaurant works is the former kitchen for the USM Portland Hall dormitory.

The menu is dictated by what’s available at the time. Because of the demand for local food, more farmers are trying to accommodate people in Maine. Early next week there will be two deliveries of food from Maine farms. One delivery will be by Crown of Maine and the other Farm Fresh Connection. A liquor license is pending. “It’s more expensive to use local and organic food, but our mission is to provide accessibility. That being said, we’ll have some less expensive and healthy menu items,” said Smith.

The attractive Smith, who lives in the Greater Munjoy Hill Area, will serve as a chef at Local Sprouts. Previously she has cooked at Street & Co., Caiola, Pepperclub Restaurant and Aurora Provisions. She currently works part-time at the Blue Spoon.

Local Sprouts will be open seven days a week serving three meals a day. Sunday might be brunch only.

For more information, please visit www.localsproutscooperative.com