LIVE MAINE Referral Service Promotes Businesses From 147 Fore Street Office


"JJ" Jenkins at the LIVE MAINE Office Yesterday

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,012)

Colorful posters advertising beer, travel and more are in the windows of the ground floor office at 147 Fore Street. But once you look inside the roughly 1,500 sq. ft. of office space it is surprisingly austere. There are several desks and not much more. That’s because it’s not intended to be a retail space for the walking public in the area. Rather it’s a space from which Shipyard Brewery Co. promotes and markets businesses affiliated with the popular beer company via the Internet, videos and other technical means said Fred Forsley, founder and co-owner of Shipyard yesterday.

“We are a unique concierge service offering business partner recommendations as well as recommendations and booking resources for the best Maine travel experiences,” said Forsley. LIVE MAINE supports local businesses and is a source for information about our key partners. Some of those include CompuPay, Discover Portland, Our Tickets and Tours, Sea Bags and a variety of Maine restaurants and inns. Forsley has been looking for ways to showcase the many businesses that have worked for his company.

Maine native Forsley is known as a “big picture” guy said JJ Jenkins, an employee. Forsley has a strong interest in partnering with others and has a strong background in marketing and sales; so this referral service is a natural for him.

Shipyard Brewing Co. is located at 86 Newbury Street. Please visit for more information.