Jen Burrall Designs Readies for First Friday Art Walk Tomorrow


Semi-precious Stones Being Made Into Earrings for First Friday Art Walk Tomorrow by Jen Burrall; Cost between $40 – $70.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,530)

“I really love what I do.  I feel so fortunate that I’m constantly inspired to make new designs and that I love what I do,” said Jen Burrall, one of the more talented jewelry makers in the area. She was focused on creating earrings sculpted from semi-precious metals to be sold at the First Friday Art Walk tomorrow between 5 pm – 8 pm. at reasonable prices, when this blogger met up with her this afternoon.

In early September, Burrall  moved into her new retail/workshop space at 253 Congress Street on Munjoy Hill.  She moved from an eight year successful stint on Washington Street.  However, she needed more space and more street visibility.  For years she traveled extensively across the country displaying at shows, using her Washington Avenue storefront as a base of operations.  “I got tired of being on an airplane all the time.  It lost its lustre,” she said.   Burrall, a Munjoy Hill resident and Maine native,  decided to stay home and focus on her retail business.

This new location is more than double the space Burrall previously occupied.  It also has a skylight.  With that in mind, she knew she needed to maximize the larger space and so she invited artists whose work she admires to display for sale their work in her storefront.  They accepted. Their work includes leather goods, Italian knit wear, pottery  and a painting exhibit by DD Swan.  And they will be present at tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk.

Burrall’s signature piece of work is one that includes a “nest” on which semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls rest.  It needs to be seen to be fully appreciated and there are examples in her display cases in her new space.  Nature is very much a theme in her jewelry with leaves adorning some pieces.

Jen Burrall Designs is open Wednesday – Saturday between 10 am – 4 pm.  The phone number is 772-1902 or visit  for more information.