Janet Mills for Governor Statement on Janet’s Debate Victory


Governor Janet T. Mills (D), the First Woman Governor of Maine and Its First Woman AG at a Recent  Televised Debate.

Janet Mills for Governor campaign manager Alexandra Raposo issued the following statement following tonight’s News Center Maine and Maine Chamber of Commerce debate.  The debate ran for one hour from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

“Tonight, Paul LePage demonstrated once again that he does not have the leadership, character or demeanor to lead this state.  Governor Mills is a strong, thoughtful leader who laid out a positive visiion for tackling the problems Maine is facing by addressing the workforce shortage, strengthening our economy and bringing down rising costs.  She has brought together Democrats, Republicans and Independents to deliver unprecedented progress for Maine people – from expanded health care to $850. in inflation relief, to fuly funded education for the first time in the state’s history.

“Maine people know they can count on Governor Mills to keep moving our state forward and she looks forward to earning their votes on November 8th.”

Please see previous post herein today – “Bangor Daily News” Endorses Janet Mills for Governor, Criticizing “Crass” LePage.”  In the post, the “Bangor Daily News” announced that its Editorial Board is supporting the reelection of Governor Janet T. Mills (D) over her challenger Paul LePage.  The Board came to that concluion not only because of the Governor’s demeanor and leadership, but her policies that have added stabllity and strengthened the lives of Maine people.  The press release cited LePage’s “crass” language during his past tenure as Governor, and his independent judgment that often went against the wishes of Maine voters andf lawmakers.  “Where is the southern Maine based “Portland Press Herald” on this upcoming election?” asks this blogger, a/k/a munjoyhillnews.  “When will the Portland daily make its decision?  On November 9th?”