Independent Firm Begins Solicitation of Public Information Related to June Protest


Protesters at the Portland Police Department, Middle Street Last Spring.

Clifton Larson Allen LLP (CLA), the firm hired to conduct an internal affairs investigation related to the Portland Police Department’s response to a protest held on June 1, 2020, is now soliciting feedback from the public as part of an effort to provide additional avenues of information gathering.

Members of the public may submit information in a variety of ways, including anonymously.  The goal of the investigation is to ensure the integrity of the Department was maintained throughout its response to the protest.

The investigation is expected to last three (3) months and is costing the city $40,000.  No time limit  for the reception of information from the public was stated in the city’s press release issued this morning.

Frank E. Rudewicz of CLA is conducting the internal investigation and ways to contact him are included herein.  While the preference is to be able to communication directly with those who have information.  Mr. Rudewicz acknowledges that some may be reluctant to do so.  In any event, identities will be kept confidential to the extent possible, depending on the information.  The objective is to obtain all necessary information.

The email address following will be monitoried by Mr. Rudewicz and his CLA team working on this matter.  Anyone who believes that they may have relevant information that may be helpful to this inquiry is asked to provide it through any of the following means.

Please contact Frank Rudewicz at:  617 221-1978 or, or at confidential email: