“Impeach Trump” Rally Draws Crowd Despite Gloomy Day


Some of the 60 at the Impeach Trump Rally Today.  Follayttar, MFAL, is at Right, Front Row in Blue.

This Couples’ Opinion Left No Mystery as to Where They Stand on Trump!

Alan MacDonald Lets His View be Known in This Sign Today!

Kelley McDaniels, a Former Public School Librarian, Called for Everyone to Read It, Including Senator Susan Collins (R).

Paul Manoff, Westbrook Resident, With His Handmade Sign Today.

Jessica Corbett, a Resident of Munjoy HiIl, Read a History of Trump’s Behavior.

“In order to make a difference, we have to be constant in our action,” Marie Follayttar, Mainers for Accountable Leadership, told a crowd of about sixty (60) people who showed up for an Impeach Trump rally in downtown Portland this afternoon. The size of the crowd after the Gay Pride Parade yesterday and the gloomy weather today were testaments to the intensity of the anti-Trump sentiment in the Greater Portland area.  The turnout today was large despite the Parade and the weather.

Follayttar recited a litany of  offenses Trump has perpetrated on this nation and others:  separating children from their mothers at the border, trying to build a wall on the southern border when no one but him wants it, disregarding the rule of law, rolling back EPA laws, his personal war on women and immigrants, putting himself first rather than the nation and obstructing an investigation of himself were just part of her litany.  .

And Susan Collins (R) marches in lockstep with his greed and lack of empathy for others.  Mainers are ashamed of her.

Follayttar reminded the anti-Trump crowd that the number of people supporting the impeachment inquiry has been growing steadily since the release of the Mueller Report.  The written blunder of AG William Barr misleading the public about the contents of it, has caused additional unflattering attention that it might not have received otherwise from the anti-Trumpers.

This event in Portland was one of many across the country – a national day of action.  There was a similar event in Bangor yesterday also hosted by MFAL.

Jessica Corbett, a Munjoy HIll resident, said:  “As a former Republican, I am disappointed to see leaders of the GOP putting politics before constitutional issues. I think protesting this lawless administration is the best way I could honor our founding fathers on father’s day.”  (See below right photo).

Kelley McDaniels, a former school librarian in Portland said that she’d read the Mueller Report shortly after it was released.  She called Senator Susan Collins (R) office and asked if she had read it as well.  To date, she has not received an answer to her question. Whenever Collins’ name was mentioned a big BOOO erupted from the crowd.

“How can anyone read this and not call for Trump’s impeachment,” McDaniels asked the crowd at Monument Square today. Additionally, she called for the public to read the Report as she had.  In fact, she said she’d like to ask some of her librarian colleagues around the state to host “read-ins” of the Report.  “If people don’t want to read it themselves, we can read it to them,” Kelley said.

It was decided that a public reading of the Mueller Report will be held this Thursday, at 7:00 pm at Coworkhers at 40 Congress Street, Portland.  McDaniels will read.

Jackie McNeil, a historian, reminded everyone that Benjamin Franklin wrote that no one is above the law and that maintaining a balance of power among the three different branches of government is essential for this nation to remain a republic.

Please visit the previous post for more background information on the Impeach Trump rally in Monument Square today.