ICE Office at One City Center Expects to Open Next Month


The Open Entrances to the New Office of ICE at One City Center, Portland, Today.

An Employee of Dirigo Management Co. ,  Was Less than Happy About This Blogger’s Presence in the Building.  The Above Asked This Blogger if I were a Bernie Supporter.  In return, This blogger Asked Him if he Were a Trump Supporter. STALEMATE!

ICE, the controversial arm of the Homeland Security Administration, expects to open an investigation office, at One City Center, next month sometime according to an employee of Dirigio Management Co. this afternoon.  This employee of Dirigo pointed the way to the offices on the fourth floor before returning to his Dirigo office – also  located on the fourth floor.

No one from the management company or ICE was present when this blogger walked to the hallway and took the above left photo of the new offices.  At no time did this blogger enter the office itself. However, an unidentified gentleman came over and told this blogger no photos were allowed on this site.

Then another Dirigo Management Co. employee who was not so gentlemanly as either of the first two, told me that if this blogger didn’t leave, the police would be called.  In lieu of that option, was lured back to the first floor where I was led to believe there was an internal information sheet on the new ICE office I could have.

However, that offer was rescinded for an unknown reason at the first floor information desk. Is that called “bait and switch?”

The prospect of an ICE office in Portland was so disturbing to many in the area because of its vile reputation,  that a large protest was held at Monument Square earlier this month.

Please see  post herein about the protest outside of One City Center dated October 14, 2019.