Where are the Developers in this Housing Crises for Asylum Seekers?


Immigrants Arriving at the Portland Expo Last Month.

The City of Portland needs housing for at least 150 people currently warehoused at the Portland Expo by August 15 according to an update from the city received this afternoon. That’s when the Maine Red Claws begin using the space.

Where are the city’s developers on this – very quiet – speechless – wouldn’t you say?  Wouldn’t this be a great time for them to step up and help out in this crises?  Apparently not, because they have been amazingly shhhhhh.

Between 200-250 asylum seekers remain warehoused  at the Portland Expo and 350 individuals have been processed since June 9th.  The community of Portland has come together with creative ways to help in this humanatarian crises.  You know who they are if you aren’t one of them. Even Stephen King and his wife up in Bangor have come through with a huge contribution.

As of today, the physical count at the Expo is 239 according to the city.

Why doesn’t mayoral candidate and city councilor Spencer Thibodeau real estate attorney at Pierce Atwood  call upon his financial supporters to divert those funds to assist in this Portland crises?

Where are the developers on this?  Shhhhhhhh.  Looking out for themselves.   What about Tom Landry who is proud of his real estate empire on Munjoy Hill?  Landry buys and sells properties like he’s playing Monopoly. What about premier developer in Portland Jonathan Culley – for whom building is an addiction he can’t overcome.  Why doesn’t Crandall Toothaker come forward and offer some units?  Years ago he announced that he had restored over 100 properties.

Their silence is disheartening. .