A Maine Response to House Republicans Passage of Bill to Dismantle Obamacare


Emlily Brostek, executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care at a Recent Press Conference.

Today House Republicans managed to narrowly pass  legislation intended to defeat the Affordable Health Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare. a campaign promise made by President Trump.  In response to that, Emily Brostek, executive director, of Consumers for Affordable Health Care issued the following press release:

“Somehow, Speaker Ryan and the House Freedom Caucus have managed to make a bad bill even worse.  The current legislation continues to do almost everything that most Americans strongly oppose – no more coverage for pre-existing conditions; no more essential health benefits and no more cost protections for seniors.  We’re shocked to see this bill come back even more blatantly destructive than before.

House Republicans have fast-tracked a bill that will destroy lives and bankrupt families, just so they can put a check-mark next to a campaign promise.  Their plan won’t move things better:  it will create chaos in the system and rip away health coverage for millions across the country, including tens of thousands in Maine.  Now their Senate colleagues have been left to clean up the mess and make sure these careless policy proposals don’t advance.  We are extremely concerned about the very real and dangerous implications of the  Ryan/Trump plan.  What possible good can come from raising the cost of health care for seniors, blocking women from cancer screenings and making it harder for our communities to get ahead of the opiod epidemic?

Campaign promises shouldn’t supersede care and common sense.  Instead of working toward rational solutions to fix what can be improved upon in our health care system.  Representative Polquin has just voted to send America backward by making it harder for individuals, small business owners, family doctors and our rural hospitals to make ends meet.,,,,,,”

For more information on this non-profit, please email:  ebrostek@mainecahc.org