Hot Temps & Obstacles Rule at Inaugural Urban Raid This Morning on the Eastern Promenade


Cargo Net Wall - Entries Climbed up the Left Side and Went Down on the Right Side - 30 Ft. High

Daniel Richard, Fourth Place Winner in Urban Raid

Race Director, Will Thomas, of Tri-Maine and Megan Herrick, A Participant

Linda Finks Davis, 2nd Place in 60+ Women, Diane Bell, 1st Place in 60+ Women & Madison Stedl, 3rd Place in 50-59 Women Age Group. Bell Won the Shipyard Brewery Raffle for One Year of Free Beer!

Champions All!

Crew Members Josh Woodbury, David Heller & Jonathan Beal Take a Lunch Break After Breaking Down the Six Hurdles Put up Yesterday! - Inside a U-Haul Truck!

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,166)

Limping ever so slightly because of an ankle he twisted when he met up with the first obstacle in the 5K, Daniel Richard nonetheless was euphoric about the first Urban Raid on the Eastern Promenade this morning. Richard took 4th place out of about 300 entries in the overall 3.8 mile race -bedeviled with physically taxing obstacles along the Eastern Promenade waterfront. Richard ran the course in 27 minutes.

“The heat was a big factor,” Richard said. The most physically taxing feat, complicated by the heat, involved the nearby parking garage. Runners had to climb to the top of the 30 ft. stairway to the top of the parking garage, run across it to the monkey bars, traverse them, and run back across the roof of the indoor garage and down the inside stairs to the ground. “It must have been 20 degrees higher in there than outside,” he said. Outside it was about 90 degrees. Even on the waterfront where a westerly breeze did not alleviate the heat at all. Last July Richard competed in the the Urban Epic Challenge on the Eastern Promenade organized exclusively by Tri-Maine. “This year’s race was ten times more difficult,” he said, grinning. But he’ll be back next year. And so will lots of other competitors.

Will Thomas, the race director, said following the awards ceremony that the Urban Raid will return next year with another bstacle course for competitors. “We like to change the course every several years,” Thomas said. “Next year we will do more marketing and PR for the event. This year we were just concerned about getting the details of this race worked out.”

Pizza was donated by Portland Pie Company.

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