Homeless Camp on Marginal Way Partially Closed on August 3, 2023


The Maine Department of Transportation is workng with the Maine Department of Public Safety to institute temporary measures aimed at mitigating the safety risks associated with the encampment of unhoused individuals in Portland according to a statement from Maine DOT released this mornng.  Meanwhile, the city of Portland is AWOL on the homeless crisis.

“On Thursday, August 3, we will be temporarily dividing the Marginal Way park-and-ride facilit into two areas to accommodate the competing uses.  On the southern part of the lot (closest to Franklin Street), 94 parking spaces will continue to be reserved exclusively  for traditional park-and-ride uses.  We will be temporarily suspending park and ride uses on the northern side of the lot (84 parking spaces).  Maine DOT will be installing a temporary barrier and update signage.  We have notified the city of Portland of this plan.  Notification of park and ride users began on Thursday.  Closure of this lot on August 3 will be necessary to make these modifications.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the displacement of the residents of the EXPO by asylum seekers is getting closer; mid-August.  An inquiry to the city spokeswoman Grondin on how the Project HOME program to house these residents in private settings has gone unanswered.

Jessica Grondin, city spokeswoman, is out of the office until Friday, August 4 and  unavailable to comment on the state’s notification of this plan to the city and additional inquiries as to where the homeless can safely go and what the city is doig to remedy this situation.  How convenient is the AWOL of the city’s spokeswoman Grondin when the city has no answer(s) to the homeless crisis?? Weren’t city council members and the Mayor elected to their positions to solve problems rather than to run for mayor and get permanent high-paying jobs in the city?

MaineDOt met wiyth Portland’s Crisis Response Team on Thursday, July 28th at the city’s Public Works Office and told the members of its plans for Thursday, August 3rd according to the MaineDOT.