Heroin Overdose Alert from Portland Health Division


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,286)

Many tips concerning types of heroin circulating through the Portland area that put the user at a much higher risk of overdose have been received by the city’s health division according to a press release issued by the city’s spokeswoman, Nicole Clegg, today.

One of the types is dangerously strong un-cut black tar heroin from New York City that is chunky, sticky and dark brown.  Another is an equally strong type of heroin often referred to as “China White.”  It appears that this type of heroin has been cut with prescription drugs resulting in a combination that can be de adlyl.  Public Health outreach workers worked today distributing flyers to alert the public of the risks of heroin overdose.

To reduce the risk of oversode, please follow these suggestons: Do not use alone, do a tester shot, avoid misung drugs; always use the ‘recovery position’ and dial 911 and save a life!