Harvey Gamage, Ocean Classroom, Docked at Portland Yacht Services; “This Is Not A Dude Boat,” Captain Smith


Captain Smith (R) With One of His Former Crew Members, Matt Ridgway, Waterfront Manager at "PYS"

Harvey Gamage at the Dock of Portland Yacht Services
College Student, Chris Gillingham, A Repeat Crew Member Aboard The Gamage.
Aislinn Forbes, Almost 14, Boards the Gamage For a Cruise
By Carol McCracken  (Post # 815)

The schooner Harvey Gamage is as majestic under sail as any other ship plying the New England coast t his summer.  But during a visit with the Captain this afternoon, MHN.com saw what distinguishes the Harvey Gamage from most of the others on the New England coast.  This is not a “dude” boat said her Captain, smiling.  “There are dude ranches, but this is not a dude boat, said Captain J. B. Smith as he went  on to explain the philosophy of the Gamage’s owners while docked at Portland Yacht Services on the Portland waterfront.

First though, the Gamage, a 131 ft. wooden schooner, was built at the historic Harvey Gamage Shipyard, South Bristol.  (This Shipyard built numerous fishing vessels and mine sweepers during World War II.)  Named for the yard’s owner and built in 1973, she is made from wood from South America and New Hampshire.  Originally she was built to serve duo purposes – to carry passengers year-round and to serve as an educational ship – first and foremost.  The Gamage as well as two other educational ships, the Westward and the Spirit of Massachusetts, are owned by the award winning, non-profit Foundation, Ocean Classroom, Boothbay Harbor. 

“The sea is a great leveler,” said Captain Smith.  “For some, hands on experience is quite good.  The ocean can be a wonderful instructor on self-reliance and team work.”

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