The 6th Annual Harvest on the Harbor Continues to Delight!

Winning Chef Kerry Altiero

Winning Chef Kerry Altiero

Becca Gildred (L) & Kathleen Fleury, of Down East Magazine

Becca Gildred, Marketing Director (L) & new Editor, Kathleen Fleury, of Down East Magazine,  A Sponsor of the Harvest

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,543)

The opportunity to sample from chefs working around the State of Maine is a unique experience which made todays Top of the Crop: Maine’s Best Farm to Table Restaurant particularly delightful; regardless of the winner.

The first place award went to Chef Kerry Altiero, Cafe Miranda, Rockland.  He served super pork belly, sour apples, garlic, lacinato kale and little neck clams.  How much more local can you get – especially for out-of-state visitors who were numerous inside the Ocean Gateway for the 8th annual Harvest on the Harbor. Other entries in the event were Chef Richard Hanson, of Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro, Ellsworth and Chef Chad Conley, of Gather, Yarmouth.

But, a personal favorite of, was the beet chips with yogurt, hollandaise, cucumber, chives and herb salt.  Delicious! Just a sampling from the yet to open Vinland Restaurant, 539 Congress Street, Portland.  Chef David Levi presenting.  When it does open, Vinland promises to be innovative in many ways; i.e. it will be gas-free in protest of the fracking industry.

An additional surprise is that you never know who you will be seated next to at these seated events. One year sat next to the comedian Tim Sample. This year, two friends, attractive Kristi Bernath and Courtney Buchholz, two foodies from Kansas City, are spending their vacations at the Harvest on the Harbor.  “Portland is beautiful and a clean city unlike home,” said Bernath.  “We are happy to get as many empty glasses as we can,” she said grinning and referring to the sample wine and beer glasses provided to the attendees.  The two learned that Harvest on the Harbor was one of the best fall food festivals from “Travel & Leisure” magazine. “Portland Press Herald” food blogger John Golden said:  “This is the most significant event of the Harvest on the Harbor because it focuses on Maine local food sources.  Lobster we all know about.  I like lobster in the rough.”

The just announced new editor for “Down East” magazine, Kathleen Fleury, said:  “Maine is a destination for a lot of reasons, but over the last decade it has become one of the top destinations in which to eat well.  The Maine food scene is incredibly vivid.  This event is a culmination and celebration of Maine’s culinary heritage, present and future.  Portland is one of the best cities in the world to visit for great food.” Fleury is replacing editor Paul Doiron who plans on writing more novels.

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