Governor Mills Testifies in Support of Equal Rights Amendment to Maine Constitution

Governor Janet T. Mills Testifying in Support of LD 433 Today

Governor janet T. Mills appeared before the Legislature’s Judicial Committee during the public hearing today to testify in support of legislation to amend the Constitution of Maine to prevent discrimination based on an individual’s sex.

“While our state and our national unquestionably have made great progress in effectuating equal rights for women and men, that change has been piecemeal, intermittent and impermanent,” said Governor Mills. “While I will not have the privilege of signing the bill, it being a constitutional resolve, I cannot wait to accompany the five adult women whom I proudly call my daughters, and my two little granddaughters, to the polls to cast my vote so that they and their uncles, cousins and friends will be fully protected in our most sacred document and have the equal opportunity under the law that we have come to expect and demand.”