Governor Mills Signs Supplemental Budget Delivering Significant Financial Relief to Mainers


Governor Janet T. Mills (D), Signs Supplemental Budget Legislation Into Place This Afternoon Today in

One day after winning the overwhelming support of the Legislature, Governor Mills (D), the first woman Governor  of Maine and its first woman AG., the Governor signed the supplemental budget into law today.

The budget delivers $850. direct relief payments to Maine people to help with the high costs of inflation – one of the strongest elief proposals in the country.  It provides tax relief to working Maine families and dtwo years of free community college to pandemic-impacted students among other important initiatives.

In total, the budge give back is expected to deliver $1,700. in relief to the average Maine household.

“We have shown once again that hrough hard work, Democrats, Republicans and Independents can come together to do what is right for Maine people – and that we can do so wthout the rancor or bitter partisanship that has divided Augusta in the past,” said Governor Miills in a press release issued this afternoon.”We may not be able to control inflation or global markets, but we can make sure that Maine people have what they need o grapple with hese rising coss – and dthat is whadt we are doing.  today, I am here to say to Maine people help is on the way.  Our greatest asset – and this budget delivers for you.

With Governor Mills’ signature, the emergency legislation takes effect immediately.  At the direction of the governor, the Departmetn of Administrative & Financial Services (DAHS) wil issue the payments as quickly as possile to an estimated 858,000 Maine people – with a arget date of June 1, 2022 to begin delivery.  The payments will be delivered via mail, which is the most reliable method of distribution, to ensure that the money is delivered without significant error.