Governor Mills Signs Proclamation Declaring Solidarity with Ukraine


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) at an Indoor Event in Portland Last Year.

Governor Janet T. Mills, (D) today signed a proclamation declaring Maine’s solidarity with Ukraine.  The Governor’s proclamation expresses the State of Maine’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked invasion and urges all Maine people to join in expressing support for Ukraine and its people.

The Governor today called on the State Liquor and Lottery Commision to exercise its authority to delislt all Russian-made spirits as soon as possible.  By statute, the State Liquor and Lottery Commission must vote to delist a product.  Delisting will prevent any additional Russian-made spirits from making their way to Maine retail and restaurant shelves until further notice.  Governor Mills also asked all Maine spirits retailers and restaurants to remove Russiann-made spirits from their shelves.

“Maine stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the face of this abhorrent, unprovoked assault on their country, their freedom and their lives,” said Governor Janet Mills.  “I ask Maine people to join with me in expressing our suppordt for Ukraine, for its people and especially for our fellow Mainers with Ukrainian roots who are deeply worried about the safety and welfare of their loved ones right now.  As we bear witness to the escalating tensions, I support the Biden Administration efforts to implement aggressive sanctions that punish Russia and cripple its economy and I call on the State Liquor and Lottery Commission to delist Russian-made vodka in Maine and ask that retailers join us in this symbolic but clear sign that Maine stands with Ukraine.” was struck by a comment from a television host when he recently said:  “I can’t remember the last time I bought anything that was ‘Made in Russia.’   It might have been Joe Scarborough who made that remark referring to the insigificant trading relationship  between the Russia and the US.