Governor Mills Signed Supplemental Budget Into Law Yesterday With Bipartisian Support


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) Signed the Supplemental Budget in Law Yessdterday with State Leaders Joining Her.

Yesterday, Governor Janet T. Mills (D) signed the Supplemental budget into law.  The Legislature overwhelmingly approved the measure last week by a vote of 113 – 21 in the House and 24 – 5 in the Senate.  It earned the unanimous support of the Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee as well.

Highlights of the Supplemental Bill include:  Care for Older Mainers, Support for Maine Hospital,  Small Business Health Insurance Relief, Support for Retirees, Portland Harbor Dredging, Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services and Maine Milk Commission Study.

“The Supplemental Budget will help Maine nursing facilities, hospitals, small businesses and others while keeping our budget balanced,” said Governor Mills.  “I thank the Legislature for its strong bipartisan support for the measure and I look forward to working with them to craft a biennial budget that improves the lives and livelihoods of Maine people.”