Governor Announces Intent to Form Independent Commission to Determine Facts Surrounding Lewiston Tragedy


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) Making Her Introductory Remarks at a Recent Press Conference About the Demise of Robert Card..

Governor Janet T. Mills (D), the first woman AG of the state of Maine, today announced her intent to formally establish an independent commission of experts in the coming days to determine the facts and circumstances of the tragic October 25th shooting in Lewiston including the months preceding the shooting and the police response to it.

Governor Mills issued the following statement in a press release issued this afternoon:

“A cornerstone of the ability to heal us is to know the truth – in this case, the facts of what happened on that tragic night, of the months that led up to it and of the police response to it.

It is imperative to recognize that, from what we know thus far, on multiple occasions over the last ten months, concerns abaout Mr. Card’s mental health and his behavior were brought to the attention of his Army National Reserve Unit, as well as law enforcement agencies here in Maine and New York.  This rasies crucial questions about ations taken and what more could have been done to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

I know that the Maine State Police are working hard to conduct a thorough and comprehensive criminal investigation of the shooting, but I also believe that the gravity of this attack on our people – an attack that strikes at the core of who we are and the values we hold dear – demand a higher level of scrutiny.

In the coming days, I will work with the AG to formally establish a fully independent commission, whose charge will be to determine the facts surrounding the tragedy on October 25th, including the time that led up to it and the police response to it.  I envision this commission to be comprised of independent experts with legal, investigative and  mental health backgrounds who can bring to bear their experience in detailing and laying out the full and impartial facts.  I hope to finally announce this commission and its memership next week, so that it may conduct itself with all due sense of urgency and above all else, follow the facts wherever they may lead.

This – the complete facts and circumstances, including any failure – must be brought to light and known by all.  The famililes of the victims, those who were injured, those who are recovering and the people of Maine, and the nation deserve nothing less.”