Golf Carts a Nuisance on Peaks Island; The Inn on Peaks Island Throws a Big Holiday Party !


Mary Frances MacFadyen, Serving up Hot Dogs and Cold Bottled Water on Peaks Island.

Peaks Island Golf Carts Lined up for Customers. Cost is $25. for an hour.

Head Chef Shaun Killeen at the 5th Annual “Ender Bender” Today at The Inn at Peaks Island.

Joyce Landry Objects to All the Golf Carts as Well.

“The golf carts on Peaks Island have had a negative impact on the Peaks Island experience.  They are noisy, polluters and I think people are missing out on all of what they could see better,” said Mary Frances MacFadyen, the hot dog lady earlier today.

“There’s been a rapid increase in golf cars over the last three years.  The back shore of the island used to be a place where people could enjoy a quiet walk, bike ride, stroll with the baby, etc., but now its over run with golf carts,” said MacFadyen who has lived on Peaks for many years now.

“There are too many golf carts here.  Raising the price per hour would reduce the number of people renting them,” said Joyce Landry.  It was a picture perfect day so the golf cart business was especially brisk.  Peaks Island Golf Carts rents out thirteen carts for $25. per hour.  The rental waiting list was long and the lone attendant was busy between signing up people to rent and then contacting them to tell they were up next.  Some didn’t bother to return her call, but there was always someone ready to step up and fill in that space.

“What about us old crippled folks?  My ankle got injured in the war of life.  I can’t walk around the Island right now and need to use a golf cart,” said Father Jim King, a Portland Episcopalian priest, laughing.  “A trip around Peaks is always a blessing.”

Meanwhile, three hundred people were soaking up the final days of summer with an incredible outdoor buffet at the destination Inn on Peaks Island.  Chef Shaun Killeen said the Inn will remain open but it is the end of the official summer season. (See above right photo.) Music was also provided for this annual outdoor event under the tent that is also a benefit for the Dempsey Cancer Center.