Garden Meeting Scurries Elsewhere When Arrives

Flowers at the North Street Community Garden.

Blooming Flowers at the North Street Community Garden.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,657)

Nini McManamy, leader of the “Garden Angels” of the North Street Community Garden, called for a strategizing meeting  today at noon to consider how to deal with grievances of some of the gardeners at the Munjoy Hill site.  Theft of some of the produce at the Garden is the primary complaint of the “Angels.”

This meeting was well-advertised on this blog and received lots of attention from readers. This meeting is the fifth in a series of meetings on the subject. Please see prior blog for background information on the subject.

When arrived at the bench at the North Street Garden to cover the meeting, Ms. McManamy said this was a private meeting at which was not welcome to attend.  Since this is a public place, Ms. McManamy and the two individuals who showed up to consider next steps decided to hold it in private at a nearby apartment of one of the two individuals.  Originally the Angels were comprised of five members, but that number has been diminished because of all the in-fighting of the group.

Off the three scurried to the cover of a private meeting!