Ft. Allen Park Rehabilitation Unanimously Approved by Historic Preservation Board


Martha Lyon, ASLA and Regina Leonard, Landscape Designer for the Rehabilitation of Ft. Allen Park

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,128)

A propopsal to rehabilitate Ft. Allen Park on the Eastern Promenade received unanimous approval last night by the Historic Preservation Board. The proposal was submitted by the Friends of the Eastern Promenade and the City’s Public Services Department. The public hearing and final review was held in the City Council Chambers at city hall because of the large number of people in attendance.

Many representatives of non-profit organizations testified in favor of the slightly revised proposal presented last night. They included the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization, Portland House (an abutter) and Greater Portland Landmarks. Hill residents testifying in favor of the proposal included Markos Miller, Jamie Parker and Rob Whitten. The most contentious issue during the public hearings was the placement of trees along the reintroduced linear paths along parallel to the horseshoe loop road. Critics said those trees were not in the original Goodwin plan during the Period of Significance – 1980 – 1930. Furthermore, in years to come those trees would block views of Casco Bay.

To ameliorate concerns, “FOEP” agreed to plant fewer trees along the interior pathways resulting in increased spacing between trees (44 feet rather than 35 feet apart) and better “bollard” lighting as well. There were several other changes made which can be viewed on the FOEP’s web page.

The actual cost of the entire project is uncertain, but could be around $1M dollars. The main source of funding will come from private donations, although there has been some CDBG and CIP funding involved.

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