Ft. Allen Park Provides Great Viewing For Tugboat Muster; Part of 28th Annual MS Regatta Harborfest Weekend

Tug Boats Muster Below Ft. Allen Park

Tug Boats Muster Below Ft. Allen Park

By Carol McCracken

Ft. Allen Park provided great viewing of the Tugboat Muster that concluded the 28th annual MS Harborfest Weekend late this afternoon.  A recent addition to the weekend fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis , this year there were nine tugs entered in the competition.  ‘Head butting’ and sprints were the competitions that spectators saw from the Eastern Promenade.  That event followed the Tugboat Parade which started from the Maine State Pier around 1:30 p.m.

“These guys spend the year working really hard.  The tug boat business is very competitive.  So this gives them a good chance to hang out and play.  A chance to come together for a good cause,” said Ted Hugger, one of the spectators at Fort Allen Park.  Hugger said that the Committee hopes to raise $100,000 for MS this weekend.  Over the past 28 years, the event has earned $2 million.  Hugger is a memberof the MS Harborfest Weekend executive committee as well as a member of the Boad of Directors for the Maine Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

With a regatta of this size, there are many safety issues on the water to be coordinated by the participating organizations during the actual races.  Hugger praised the U. S. Coast Guard, the Harbor Patrol and many volunteers who get it right and make this a safe event on the water every year.

Following the Tugboat Muster, the crews were treated to a Barbeque and Beer at DiMillo’s restaurant on the waterfront.