Friends Of The Eastern Promenade Hold Membership Drive


By Carol McCracken

A local science writer, landscape architect, and gardner were some of the panelists yesterday at the Friends of the Eastern Promenade membership drive meeting – where the theme of the meeting was where and how do green spaces fit into your life? The meeting was held at the East End Community School on the Hill.

The presentations were wide-spread and covered a number of topics; including one architect who grew up near Central Park in New York City and how that Park’s use has evolved; how children today are not very comfortable with natural settings due to liability issues, abduction fears and how to change that; should ’activities’ be added to park areas in order to maintain/increase the number of park users and recognizing that the city has a small park staff with which the neighborhood needs to work to keep open spaces clean and green. Members of the well-attended audience participated in the discussion.

The non-profit Friends organized in 1996 when the city targeted a grove of trees on the Eastern Promenade for cutting. One member of the audience said: “We really need to change our views about keeping trees. They are important in preventing global warming.”

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