Twelve Heroes of January 6th Insurrection Honored by President at Second Anniversary Ceremony


Officer Eugene Goodman of the Capitol Police with President Joseph Biden just Before Reciving his Award. He is an Army Combat Veteran who Made Himself a Target of the Mob to Divert it From Lawmakers at the Capitol on January 6th.

Parents of Officer Brian Sicknick Accept an Award for the Deceased Officer. His Estate Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Donald Trump.

Officer Carolyn Edwards, of the Capitol Police,  Stands Beside President Biden Before She Receives Her Award.

Former Arizona Politician Rusty Bowers with President Biden at Todays Ceremony.

Former Arizona Politician Rusty Bowers with President Joe Biden at the White House Ceremony Today.

Twelve Heroes of the January 6th Insurrection on its Second Anniversary were awarded the Presidential Citizens Award at the White House this afternoon in a deeply moving ceremony.   Four of the awards were made posthomously.

From poll workers in Fulton County, Georgia, to Capitol police officers and several elected politicans, President Joseph Biden praised their integrity, patriotism and resolve to defend our democracy against the insurrectionists led by Donald Trump, Rudolph W. Giuliani, John Eastman  and the other criminals who tried violently to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

Many will remember seeing Officer Eugene Goodman of the Capitol Police diverting the mob attacking the Capitol from a space where lawmakers  were located in television replays.  Goodman did so putting himself at risk in order to protect lawmakers of both political parties, including Mitt Romney (R) of Utah. (See above left photo of Officer Goodman,)

Officer Caroline Edwards. of the Capitol Police, reported that “it looked like a movie.”  She was knocked unconscious and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  But according to the President she “got back up to defend the Capitol.”  Edwards testified at a January 6th Committee hearing that she was slipping in blood and watching fellow officers writhing in pain and suffering from bear spray and tear gas as a war like zone happened around her.  (See above right photo of Officer Edwards with President Biden.)

Rusty Bowers, a former Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives, testified at a January 6 Committee public hearing about the pressure he underwent following the election to “flip” the outcome in Arizona to Trump’s advantage.  It was moving testimony because the former legislator recalled how the harassment outside his home upset his seriously ill daughter.  She died shortly after the rampage on the Capitol.   The President told Bowers:  “We don’t agree about everything, but we do agree on what we are willing to loose over.”  Bowers refused to decertify the 2020 election.

Officer Harry Dunn said:  “Political accountability has been addressed, but legal accountability has not been met.”  Officer Dunn was one of the officers who fought off the rioters on January 6th.  He had urged lawmakers to get to the bottom of the full extent of the former president’s role in the attack on the Capitol.  “Now we just need DOJ to do its job,” said this blogger.

“Democracy was under attack, but it prevailed.  That makes today an important day to honor and celebrate all those who protected democracy on that day and those election workers in our state and nationwide who continue to work to ensure free, fair and secure elections.  On this solemn anniversary, I ask Mainers to join me in remembering and recommiting to the work to protect our elections and democracy itself,” said Maine’s Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, in a press release.