Four Arrested for Engaging an Undercover Prostitute


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,684)

“Four (4) men were arrested and charged with Engaging a Prostitute, a class E crime.  The Portland Police Department conducted  a prostitution enforcement detail targeting men ho solicited an undercover female police officer seeking sex in exchange for money.  The arrests occurred between 11:00 am and 3:30 pm at the Congress Street neighborhood of Walker and Neal Streets.

It is recognized that the issue of human sex trafficking has no jurisdictional boundary and is a state and national epidemic.  This street operation is designed to target the demand side of prostitution and human sex trafficking.  The meaning of demand in reference to the ‘operation is the John’ or patron client in the sex for money scheme.  It is widely recognized Johns are the driving force in human sex trafficking, supplying the money that drives this illegal industry according to a press release issued by Lt. James Sweatt of the Portland Police Department on Middle Street.

The four arrested are: Paul Geoffrion, 52 of Cape Elizabeth; Charles Freeman, 56, Limerick; Samuel Agular, 30 of Portland and David Ladd, 46, Portland.