Parkside Building Proposed for “Affordable Housing”


This Proposed Building is Part of the Application to Convert 510 Cumberland Avenue Into Apartments.

Fountain of Youth on Washington Avenue? No Such Luck!  Just the Spray Left When a Truck Ran into the Fire Hydrant Earlier This Week!

A Parkside Community Policing Center is Located on the First Floor of 510 Cumberland Avenue Currently.  Office Personnel Was Unaware of the Changes Possibly Coming to the Property Today.

An application to convert the former Peoples Regional Opportunity Program, (PROP) building at 510 Cumberland Avenue into 82 units of affordable housing in two buildings was recently filed by Avesta Housing Development Corporation according to the planning office at city hall.

A 4 story addition is proposed to the existing building which would add 42 residential units.  A second building is proposed with 27 residential units.  Parking for 59 vehicles is proposed on the ground level and  surface parking spaces are proposed accessing Deering Street.  The proposed bedroom mix is as follows: 11 efficiency units, 47 one-bedroom units, 11 two-bedroom units and 13 three-bedroom units.  Ten handicapped spaces are proposed and 33 bicycle spaces according to the application dated June 1, 2017.

David Lloyd of Archetype Architects at 48 Union Wharf is the architect.

Apparently Avesta Housing purchased the property in which the PROP offices have been located for years –  several months ago.

For more information on this application, please contact Shukria Wiar at 207 – 756-8083 or email her at:  No date has been set for the application on the planning board’s agenda. called PROP this afternoon to learn of its whereabouts, but the calls were not completed.

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  1. I too have found that the Officer’s secretary in the Parkside office knew next to nothing.

    • thanks Frank for your comment. I was surprised that she knew nothing about the proposal. Carol

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