Former Hill Resident, Richard Lee Campbell, Arrested For Armed Robbery, Makes First Court Appearance Today


By Carol McCracken

Richard Lee Campbell, 54, was the last inmate to enter the courtroom and the first inmate to leave the Superior Court courtroom this afternoon. It took just a few minutes to dispose of the immediate matters at hand for Campbell. That included assigning him a court-appointed attorney, putting off discussing any bail decisions for the future and finally setting a dispositional court date for April 22 – he will either plead guilty or request a trial date at that time.

Campbell was arrested this past Tuesday, February 17, at 8:45 p.m. at the corner of North Street and Quebec Street on Munjoy Hill. Police found cash on him as well as cocaine and two hypodermic needles. He was arrested for armed robbery of a cashier at Other! a café, located at 15 Monument Square in downtown Portland earlier the same day. He may yet be implicated for other robbeies in downtown Portland and attempted carjacking at the Maine Mall in South Portland. Those matters are under investigation.

According to court documents, Campbell had been living at Island View Apartments on North Street since September 2008. He was living with his girlfriend and her two children. Campbell contributed monthly to the rent and apparently was employed by a local soup kitchen.

Campbell has an extensive criminal history, including but not limited to two prior robberies, and he’s currently on federal probation.