Five India Street on the East End Application Received by City


Ara Aftandilian, President/Managing Member of Essex North Portland LLC

Ara Aftandilian, president/ of Essex North Portland LLC has filed an application for a final site plan for Lot # 4, 5 India Street, within the India Street Form Based Code Zoning District, dated May 20, 2019.

The development proposal is a four story building with retail and/or commercial uses on the ground floor and one bedroom rental unis on floors 2 through 4.  The lot is primarily flat and most recently was used for construction staging for the AC Hotel and the Twenty Thames Condominium projects.   Surrounding land uses include hotel, retail/commercial, office and residential uses.  Parking will be provided in the Ocean Gateway Garage.

The proposed building will include retail commercial spaces on the ground floor fronting India Street as well as the residential lobby, building services/amenities and mechanical rooms. The upper floors are 24 one bedroom residential rental units ranging in size from 343 to 566 square feet.

Planning Board approval is sought only for Inclusionary Zoning only.  The Historic Preservation board has approved the design.