Five Candidates Take out Nomination Papers to Replace Councilor Ray


Two Gombreys are on Display  at Congress Square Park. They are Protectors, Allies and Community Builders According to the Artist Jordon Corey.  Check Them Out!

So far, five candidates have taken out nomination papers to replace the controversial Councilor Belinda Ray, District 1, who is not running for re-election.  Those five are:  Anna Trevorrow, David Aceto, Sarah Michniewicz, Spencer Rust and Mark Foster.  Two candidates have taken out nomination papers for at-large city councilor:  They are Roberto Rodriguez and Travis Curran.

Long-time City Councilor Nick Mavadones has announced that he will not be running for re-election.  It has been reported that Councilor Spencer Thibodeau is evaluating whether or not to run for re-election again.

The City Clerk’s Office is reminding Portland residents that nomination papers are available for several seats that are open for the November 2, 2021 election.  The deadline to return is no sooner than August 9, 2021 at 9:00 pm and no later than August 23, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

For more information, please call the Clerk’s Office at 207 – 874-8677 or email:

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