First of Several Benefits for Ed King Tomorrow Night


Ed King & Ruby in September

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,250)

You are invited to attend the first of several benefits in support of Ed King tomorrow night.  The “Ed King Carnival of Support” is set for 8 pm at the Empire Dine & Dance, 575 Congress Street.  A donation of $10. is requested.

KIng, the long-time publisher of “The West End News” and his partner, Liz McMahon, moved to  Russia this fall.  McMahon had accepted a teaching  post in Russia since the closing of the Lucid Stage earlier in the year. One of her grandmothers was from Russia.  King, who turned 62, decided to retire and go with her.  He intended to study Russian while McMahon taught English.  Neither of them speaks Russian.

However, shortly after arriving there King came down with pains that required a visit to the hospital where he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Because of the language barrier, they decided to return home to Portland   Because King has no health insurance, friends are holding several benefits for the couple:

The first benefit is tomorrow night and a second one is planned for January 19th, 8 pm, at Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo Street, Portland.  A donation of $10. is likewise requested.

Please see Post # 1,222, dated 9/29/12 for more background information.