Festive Holiday Dinner Serves Overflow Crowd as Guests of the Myrick Family; Boys & Girls Club Open Its Doors to Record Crowd


Diners Feast at Cumberland Boys & Girls Club Christmas Day

Kitchen crew included: Ed & Rachel Kester, Bill Huntington and Sue MoodyBy Carol McCracken (Post # 1,050)

Eight deep fried turkeys and 8 hams, 100 lbs of potatoes, 40 cans of cranberry sauce, 7 dozen eggs, 8 home made pumpkin, pecan and blueberry pies, a raffle, Christmas caroling and a special tribute to the 79 fallen soldiers in Maine came together masterfully yesterday and transformed the Boys & Girls Club into a banquet worthy of Homeless Vets and other Homeless in Portland. It was masterminded by the Myrick Family and carried out by it and friends.

A record number participated in the 3rd annual Christmas Dinner – putting some estimates at more than 200 attendees. Jim Costello, Jr., recently elected president of the Club board was among the guests.

Hannaford Brothers deserves special thanks for donating the turkeys and hams.

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